Best HIV Dating Sites and App Reviews in 2018

Best HIV Dating Sites and App Reviews in 2018

The Initial HIV Symptoms

When mentioned HIV, I bet no one feels unfamiliar. Instead, most of people fears to talk about HIV. Just because of this, we’d better know much about it. So let’s see the initial HIV symptoms.

General symptoms

At the beginning of HIV, most common symptoms of patients are continuing fever, night sweat or diarrhea over 1 month. Meanwhile, their weights decline more than 10% (about 5~22 kilogram) and then become somnolence and get more and more tired out. They nearly can’t support any normal exercise. But even worse, some patients are likely to show neuropsychiatric symptoms, such as hypomnesia, insanity, personality changes, headache, epilepsy or even dementia, etc.

Enlarged lymph

For HIV, 55%~100% patients are probably to have enlarged lymph. This is the reason why doctors doubt that you may be infected by HIV when they can’t explain your enlarged lymph based on your routine inspection. Even though the enlarged lymph spreads over the entire body, it is always seen in posterior neck, submaxillary or axillary lymph node. Sometimes the enlarged lymph is non fusion, firm, occasionally tenderness but without any change in the surface of skin. The degree of enlarged lymph is related to the number of HIV antibodies in the serum. Furthermore, the complication of HIV includes lymphoma, immunoblast lymphoma and Hodgkin disease.

Skin damage

The main part of HIV invasion is skin and mucous. Therefore, the initial HIV symptoms of most patients is skin lesion, including rash, pruritus universalis, condyloma acuminate, contact condyloma, urticarial, and so forth. Among of them, the most diagnostic skin change must be Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Central nervous system symptoms

Neurological disorder has been publicly thought as the main reason which causes children and adult HIV patients be morbidity or even dead. In clinical manifestation, about 20%~40% HIV patients are suffering the disease of nervous. When categorized according to symptoms, the central nervous system had the highest percentage, about 70%~80%. There is too much obvious inflammatory response about nervous disease. Nonspecific white matter degeneration is recognized as the initial symptoms of HIV. After that, patients always feel tired and sexual hypoactivity. In the later stage, they may turn into severe dementia.


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