Best HIV Dating Sites and App Reviews in 2018

Best HIV Dating Sites and App Reviews in 2018

Separately Examination Room for HIV Graduates

Recently, a hot topic has been discussed in China, which is about a school sets up separately examination room for 16 high school graduates who are infected by HIV. Some people think that the school discriminates against these children. They are likely to give away their privacy. What’s worse, these HIV graduates may feel great pressures from school, employment, society in the future.

According to this issue, the headmaster responds, “it contributes to children completely give the rein to their professional knowledge in separately examination room. In local areas, most of people know these children are infected by HIV. Besides, not all of them are popularized with the general knowledge of HIV spread. Therefore, if let the HIV students take in the examination with other students, the headmaster worries about that other students and parents may protest. “

Facing so many criticism and query from the society, the headmaster is clam and intelligent, he firmly believes, “this is the first time that China sets up separately examination room for HIV infected persons. It has had an epoch-making significance. My behavior is good for these children. I have tried my best to protect their legitimate rights. They need such tranquil examination room to finish their examination. In this way, they won’t disturb others or be disturbed.

We have sufficient reasons to believe that the school and headmaster are sincere and kind-hearted. Indeed, for college entrance examination, children are unable to resist torment. Only protect their frail hearts, they have had the chance to pass through the examination as normal children. It’s no doubt that the headmaster hopes them to attend college, find ideal jobs, integrate into society and have a bright future. Even though we admire their kindness and well-intentioned, others doubt that setting up special examination room for children in public may create some discrimination atmosphere. Some people may censure these children for being infected HIV or even refuse to take examination with them.

The advantages and disadvantages are always a double-edged sword. No one can figure out which method is the best. Actually, no factual basis shows that these HIV graduates participating in examination are bad as headmaster’s preconception. On the contrary, authoritative experts say that HIV virus is unable to spread if infected children take exam with normal children.

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